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Board and Train

Unleash instant transformation with our Board and Train program – the ultimate choice for swift and lasting results. Tailored for new puppy parents, owners of challenging dogs, those lacking time, or those craving off-leash mastery and advanced obedience.
Our board and train program is the ideal choice for building unwavering obedience, as well as addressing behavioral challenges like biting, jumping, leash-pulling, and more. Your dog enjoys a comfortable stay in our home, receiving 24/7 expert training and care. This enables us to promote consistent expectations for streamlined and accelerated learning.

2-Week-Fundamental Obedience - $2000

Forge a strong foundation in obedience with this option. Our focus includes teaching leash pressure as the primary form of communication while establishing the base for key behaviors like sit-stay, down-stay, loose-leash walking, recall, and place. This is also an excellent choice for addressing minor behavioral concerns such as jumping on people and refining potty training.

4-Week On-Leash Excellence - $3750

Achieve on-leash mastery with your dog, ensuring responsive behavior amidst distractions. This program covers essential behaviors like Sit-stay, down-stay, place, heeling, and recall. Take your well-behaved companion to various places, from dog-friendly restaurants to farmers markets. Additional benefits include house manners, potty training, and addressing minor to moderate behavioral issues. Receive an ecollar and platform bed ($250 value).

6-Week Off-Leash Freedom - $5600

This 6 week program can also be customized to be the ideal choice for anxious and reactive dogs, as it builds on the 4 week foundation and gives us more time to address reactivity, and build neutrality around other people and dogs. Includes an ecollar and platform bed ($250 value).

Extreme Behavioral Modification - $4000 per month

Tailored for severe cases involving aggression, reactivity, or past bite histories. Address extreme fears and anxiety with a specialized program.

Hybrid program

A cost-effective solution that integrates key elements from our board and train programs and private lessons. Owners actively participate, enhancing not only their dog’s obedience but also refining their own handling skills. Our structured approach provides you with the optimal combination for a comprehensive training experience (Starting at $2500).

Connect with one of our specialist to determine the optimal balance of time spent with our trainer, and private lessons with you to best serve your unique training needs.

Private Lessons Within 20 Miles

We create a custom-tailored training journey just for you, perfect for fundamental obedience, leash manners, house etiquette, and addressing minor behavioral concerns. Our one-hour sessions are set in local parks for distraction-proof training. Sessions may also be held at your house for addressing home-specific behaviors.


Receive our undivided attention as we guide you through each step of the training process. This personalized approach is well-suited for individuals with the time and dedication to work consistently on the assigned tasks and further enhance their canine companion’s skills, as well as their own.

(Sessions conducted at your home must fall within a 20-mile radius of the trainer’s location. Additional distance will incur an extra charge to cover travel costs.)

In-Home Lessons More Than 20 Miles From Trainer

This is a perfect choice for those with home-specific undesirable behaviors, individuals pursuing personal protection training, or for those who simply prefer training in the comfort of their own home.

Lessons 20-40 miles from trainer

1 lesson: $200 

4 lessons: $750 

8 lessons: $1450 

12 lessons: $2100

Any distance greater than 40 miles contact us for specific pricing

Test: $100 

Evaluate your dog for the CGC title! a great title to help with housing requirements, service and therapy dog requirements, or just for fun!